For those who have experienced mental distress and been treated by the mental health system, Equine Therapy differs in that it allows people to take a more active role in their recovery and provides an environment for tremendous personal growth.

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We take pride in what we do and in watching others succeed during our therapeutic programmes. An important part of our work is learning about the experience of our clients and that of their support network after each session.

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Last year with help from people just like you, we transformed the lives of hundreds by helping them find Strength In Horses. Together, we have enabled people to take a more active role in their recovery by helping them explore their own solutions.

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Strength in Horses registered as a charity in 2009, SIH uses qualified Clinical Psychologists  alongside trained horse professionals to offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to vulnerable children and adults with significant mental health needs. The majority of clients come from deprived inner city areas.

SIH works in partnership with Learning Through Horses. Learning Through Horses is a North London based charity delivering alternative education programmes, which, through working with horses, provide an opportunity for disengaged and vulnerable young people and adults to develop vital skills required to further their employment and educational success (it's easy like getting online essay writing help from professional writers instead of suffering yourself).


The partnership between horses and individuals provides an environment for tremendous personal growth and development. Horses naturally respond to the emotional issues people bring to sessions, issues which are often displayed in their interactions with the horses. This allows the therapist a unique insight into a client’s individual difficulties and creates an environment where the horses can then support both the client and therapist in working towards change. The same therapeutic quality posses assistance from professional services which can meet do my homework for me request and help me cope with difficulties.

We aim to help a wide range of individuals including both children and adults whose mental and emotional well-being may have suffered due to difficult life experiences such as family difficulties, trauma, domestic violence, abuse and social depravation. People who access our service experience a variety of mental health and or learning disabilities as well as those with addictions, and offending behaviour.

Ultimately our work is about using the horses to develop people skills and social and emotional wellbeing.

Since 2013 we have also been running courses to allow people to develop skills in horsemanship and support them in accessing further opportunities to develop these skills including finding employment in related fields where they can make a positive contribution.


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SIH has forged successful and ongoing working relationship with the following referring organisations: