A group of six pupils from the school began a course of 6 sessions in Equine Therapy. Under the guidance of expert therapists from ‘Strength In Horses’ the pupils worked closely with two horses attempting to guide them through various tasks in an enclosed paddock.

The pupils were naturally anxious about working with impressive and powerful creatures however their confidence with the horses increased enormously and they all achieved great things in the process. Working this way also gave them the opportunity to work together as a team; supporting and encouraging each other which is something that they have had limited experience of in our 1:1 setting.


An interesting part of the process was the opportunity to reflect on what was happening within the paddock with the horses and how they felt and responded to the tasks and process. This has had an impact on the pupils’ relationships with each other back in the school setting. For example one particular participant has felt confident enough to act as a peer mentor to a pupil from a lower year group. Another pupil who in the first session would not move from the stable yard now wishes to work with horses for his work experience.


* Overall this therapeutic experience has had a profound effect on the confidence of the young people and we would be very keen to continue this type of therapy and to be able to offer it to others (Senior Teacher, Pupil Referral Unit).



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